Obama's Mental State

by Irritable Pundit 28. January 2013 00:01

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Hi all,


This week, Obama opined that football is too dangerous to let young men play. 

This week, Obama told his Defense Sec to formally place women in full-combat front line positions .


Read those two again, quickly, one after the other. I'll wait.


OK? Great! 


I know you expect me to mouth off on the pros and cons of each issue, but I'm not going to take a stand on either of them in this post. I will happily do so later mind you, but not in this column as: 


1) They each deserve their own full discussion and…

2) They are individually not as important as their juxtaposition within the same week.


Am I claiming that these two disparate statements are somehow more important than either the Super Bowl or women possibly being sent to the front lines? 


Yes. Yes, I am. At least In their possible immediate impact on our lives.



I think it is time we consider that Obama may be more than just an arrogant, narcissistic and unappreciative twit concentrating on everything but the all-important economy. My friends, it is time to consider that Obama might instead be -- and let me use the correct medical terminology here -- (ahem) "Completely Batsh*t Crazy".


I can totally see him, sitting by himself on a bench outside the Rose Garden, shouting, "Those people think I can't hear them but I CAN HEAR THEM!" Vice President Biden lures him back inside with a Hostess Ding Dong, while Obama mutters, "Going on a diet. Michelle said so but I'm the President." Secret Service agents close the door. The President walks away rambling about skeet shooting and gun control. The Press, of course, doesn't report a thing.


This man has access to nuclear launch codes. A great thought to take to bed tonight, isn't it? 


Sleep tight and see you next week.


…unless that fly on Obama's face makes him finally snap and drop a 25 megaton flyswatter on his own cheek, while mumbling something about a Big Mac.




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