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Conservative media figure Glenn Beck recently offered to purchase Al Gore's struggling lefty TV channel, "Current TV". However, the network refused on the grounds that Glenn Beck did not share their values. 


Seriously, That's what they said. Interesting and a bit lame, but whatever, right?  


Instead, Al Gore sold Current TV to someone else.



No jokes here. Al Gore just sold Current TV to Al-Jazerra.


Freedom loving TV host? No sale. 

Middle East Mouthpiece for Terrorists around the globe? Sold!


There are no words in the English dictionary that can capture my disgust for Al Gore.


See you next week!




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United States Jenny C 
January 7. 2013 08:17
Jenny C
"The enemy of my enemy is my friend -- especially when he has a lot of money and hates the United States of America just as much as I do." -- Al Gore

January 9. 2013 13:00
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United States GrandLarsenE 
January 9. 2013 15:49
If Beck has half the brains I think he does, he would not have offered anything near half a billion dollars.  
Jazeera overpaid by about half a billion dollars.  Anyhow, it's just another "Green" initiative.  Lotsa greenbacks.

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