The New Normal

by Irritable Pundit 26. November 2012 00:01

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Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me (apologies to Pink Floyd).


Good, good. 


No, no!  Just stay down and relax a second. Take a breath. What happened? Well, you were listening to Erick over at Red State so intently, you never heard the Obama Train until it was too late. It ran smooth over you. Yeah, I know that had to hurt, but you are going to be OK.  No, seriously, you are going to be OK.


Welcome to the New Normal.


The New Normal is unemployment somewhere between 7% to 9%. A little up or a little down based on timing verses electoral need, as the accounting agencies all work for the same people making promises every cycle. The media did not take Obama to task for bold-faced lying during the election, and they got away with it, so it will only get worse from here. They can lie with impunity now.  You feel like the economy is doing poorly? It's all in your head.


The new normal is regulation and oversight crushing small business. Three guesses where most new jobs come from? Too bad. Small business owners have put their growth plans on hold post-Obama's re-election. Hiring will be anemic going forward. 


The New Normal is rationed health care. In spite of the rose colored glasses that the media wears & sells, Obamacare means fewer doctors & higher costs that must be cut somewhere. It will steadily get worse over the next decade until we aren't even allowed a doctor's visit.  Oh yeah, it's coming.  


The New Normal is cronyism and partisan rancor. Harry Reid & the Democrats went too far to walk it back -- ever. Think it was ugly before? You haven't seen anything yet.


But you are going to be OK. 


How can I say that?  Because you were OK up to now weren't you? Think about that. You were not doing great, but you were doing OK - if barely in some cases. You my friend are a maker, and that's why you are going to be OK no matter what. Unfortunately the same reason you are going to be OK is why the state of affairs stings so badly.


No, I'm not kidding. 


This election bothers you so deeply because you are a maker, not a taker. As a maker, you see missed opportunities and despair. As a maker, you see the chance for growth wasted and get frustrated. As a maker the right path is so clear to you that you become incredulous of the idiocy and selfishness of Obama supporters. My friends the very attributes and drive that make you a success, also make you feel the bitter disappointment of this election more sharply. 


Funny how that works. 


Now get up, dust yourself off and lets go. Anyone who was surviving through the Obama economy previously, will continue to do so. Just as people like us made it through Roosevelt's disastrous policies of the 1930s. We will not be great and we will stick our grandchildren with the bill for our recklessness, but we will be OK.


That hurts so bad, it is hard to explain, but then…. I'm a maker.


See you next week. 




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