Reid Caught!

by Irritable Pundit 6. August 2012 00:01

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Harry Reid feels that you can accuse someone of a felony, without sources or proof, just by saying that the "Word is Out". 




Baseless accusations can go both ways of course. Several conservative bloggers (led by Drew at Ace Of Spades) decided to prove this and zinged him back by accusing him of being a Pederast, or at least that, "Its been said and he should prove otherwise". 


Their response to Drew's initial slap has taken on a life of its own. Too funny. 


Here is my contribution to the effort.





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August 6. 2012 13:39
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The links are there, including one to an affidavit filed by a district attorney that recites the facts he believes point to voter fraud, if you care to inform yourself. But you wouldn't want to do that, would you.

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Re: "For more than a century, liberal judges trashed the original meaning of the Commerce Clause and twisted it to allow the federal government the right to intervene in virtually any activity that struck its fancy. The individual mandate is an unprecedented expansion of the “principle” of untrammeled federal power." n nFirstly, one could make a great drinking game out of how often conservatives use the word "unprecedented" in this debate. So what? Many laws if not most laws in our history have been enacted without precedent. n nBut, more importantly, Mr. Tobin's claim that modern liberal judges have distorted the original meaning of the commerce clause is absurd! In Gibbons v. Ogden (1824), (Founder) Chief Justice John Marshall wrote, "What is this power [that the Commerce Clause grants Congress]? It is the power to regulate, that is, to prescribe the rule by which commerce is to be governed. This power, like all others vested in Congress, is complete in itself, may be exercised to its utmost extent, and acknowledges no limitations other than are prescribed in the Constitution." n nSo, the original meaning of the commerce clause could not be clearer. The power of Congress to regulate all interstate commerce in any way it sees fit is WITHOUT LIMIT, unless expressly forbidden by the constitution. To claim otherwise, as Mr. Tobin does, is the real trashing of the original meaning! n

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