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The Irritable Pundit

Comments and insight on the events of today that can be irritating, or would be if we stopped a moment to think. Our favorite IP has an expansive world view that comes from years of experience in America and in foreign lands. His background and advanced education in history and archaeology add historical insight to the events shaping our world today. There is nothing that is outside the reach of this pundit, and little that escapes his intellect or wit. You will come away with a different perspective, whether you like it or not.  CLICK HERE


Ram Rants

A weekly point of view from the Brushfire founder. Yes, a bit testy, perhaps not as lofty as some of the other items, but sometimes you just need to blow off a bit of steam. Ramarious brings years of travel, military service, business on a global scale, and post-graduate work in business and technology. A completely different point of view than our other members, seasoned with layers of insight that require a bit of thought beyond the pages. You will always know what he is saying, though it may take some time to think through all of the points. CLICK HERE


  The Armory 

An ongoing review of the issues, perspectives, and historical facts that will get you armed and keep you ready for the revolution to come. CLICK HERE



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